Bitkub NEXT

Bitkub NEXT is the Digital Assets Wallet, developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. The wallet offers two modes, each designed to suit the needs of users. The first mode is Pro Wallet, the Decentralized wallet. The second mode is Lite Wallet, the Centralized wallet. Bitkub NEXT can be used to confirm transactions and store digital assets, including Cryptocurrency and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with the ability to connect with dApp (Decentralized Application) that will be running on Bitkub Chain such as NFTs Marketplace, DeFi, and more. Currently, Bitkub NEXT can scan the QR Code to collect FANS Tokens or NFTs. Users can register for Bitkub NEXT easily via their mobile number.

Bitkub NFT

Bitkub NFT is the latest official project of Bitkub Chain which is decentralized NFT platform and provides consumers a trustful, transparent, easy and secure. NFTs exist on a blockchain as Bitkub Chain, which is a distributed public ledger that records trading transactions. There are also more gamification activities which make things as easy to reach and enjoyable for the mass of people via the ecosystem of Bitkub Chain. The features on Bitkub NFT response to Thai artists and are accessible to everyone who wants to experience and own the new digital properties trendy in the world today. Such features as Gashapon, Redemption, Collectible and NFT Minting are already available with many more to come in the future.

Happy Treasure Hunt

Join our special activity "Happy Treasure Hunt". Just scan the QR Code to collect an NFT card for redemption of a special reward. Come join and have fun at The Em District (Emquartier and Emporium), Siam Paragon, The Mall Ngamwongwan, The Mall Thapra, The Mall Bangkae, and The Mall Bangkapi. In addition, you can also experience a whole new dimension in a virtual world through AR via: at The Em District (Emquartier and Emporium), Siam Paragon, and The Mall Ngamwongwan only!

Miss Universe Thailand 2021

Bitkub has officially partnered with TPN Global (Miss Universe Thailand 2021) as the world’s first blockchain & cryptocurrency firm to bring NFT solution, Digital Asset and many cryptocurrency trends to beauty pageants.

FANS Token

FANS Token is the project where Influencers' influence level is tokenized, founded by the group of leading Thai YouTubers with a total of 40 million subscribers, Bie the Ska, VRZO Channel, Kyutae Oppa, Kaykai Salaider, and Spriteder SPD. FANS Token can be obtained for free just by scanning QR code and can be used to purchase collectibles NFTs, try your luck with Gachapon, or redeemed for various exclusive benefits.

Smart Contract Address

PUBG Thailand Open Summer 2021 : Road to PCS 4 APAC presented by Bitkub is a PUBG E-sport competition event held by Invate Studio and sponsored by Bitkub. Powered by Bitkub Chain, event attendees have the chance to receive the collectible NFTs of their favorite E-sport players that comes with Power Level or Rarity and many rewards just by scanning QR code and have fun collecting rare NFTs.

Morning Moon Village

Morning moon village is a game that lets you enjoy and learn AMM, LP Staking, and NFT mechanics in a way you've never seen before. Let's get unlimited fun on Bitkub Chain by the developer team from Extend Interactive.


KKUB or Wrapped KUB is an official KAP-20 standard token created by Bitkub. It allows interoperability with various projects such as DEXs or DeFis. Moreover, transaction with KKUB can be paused or recovered in some case of stolen private key or rug pull by a scammer (Similar to USDT's Smart Contract). All transactions are recorded on the blockchain for maximum transparency. This is under the goodwill of Bitkub, who wishes to prevent or mitigate potential damages that might occur to the users.

Smart Contract Address

For those who have the original KKUB, you can withdraw KUB from this address.

Smart Contract Address
Smart Contract Address
Smart Contract Address
Smart Contract Address
Smart Contract Address
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